Conversational Intelligence

Building Trust Creates Extraordinary Results:

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, compared to low-trust companies, companies with high-trust experience the following:
·       74 percent less stress
·       106 percent more energy at work
·       50 percent higher productivity
·       13 percent fewer sick days
·       76 percent more engagement
·       29 percent more satisfaction with their lives
·       40 percent less burnout

As business owners and leaders, we are faced with many challenges.  Therefore, it makes sense that successful leaders are discovering and investing in development that allows individuals and teams to close the distance between themselves and others by engaging in conversations that enhance trust and minimize protective behaviors.

Named as’s top 5 business trends to watch in 2016, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) is a leadership approach and methodology grounded in 30 years of neuroscience research.  C-IQ knits together the worlds of neuroscience, language, and leadership.  Intentionally shaping our conversations allows us to shape our relationships, environments and cultures. And, because Conversational Intelligence is the underpinning of successful businesses and teams, knowing our blind spots and how our brain supports (or not) our best work is critical. In our powerful workshops, we will learn what it means to lead and influence others in a way that fosters trust, growth and innovation. With 9 out of 10 conversations missing their mark, Conversational Intelligence is more important than ever!

With the C-IQ framework, you will come to understand the interactional dynamics of every conversation you engage in and have the tools to transform even the most difficult conversations.


Conversational Intelligence® is defined as the intelligence hardwired into every human to enable successful interaction with others. Through language and conversation, humans learn to build trust, to bond, to grow, and to build partnerships that create and transform our societies. With a variety of assessments, we partner with you to customize a transformational journey that will profoundly engage and impact your entire organization. These assessments serve as starting points to better understand organizational, team and individual dynamics.

Based on our assessment(s), we’ll draft a strategy for improvement that includes workshops, summits and one-of-a-kind meetings tailored to engage colleagues from all levels and divisions of your company. We’ll focus on implementing strategies that are new to you and your organization.

The Creating WE DNA Assessment

A pioneering, customizable tool used to identify the level of Conversational Intelligence® in an organization or team across seven of the most important conversational dimensions:

C: How people connect across the organization (Connecting)

H: How people build healthy relationships (Humanizing)

A: How people create aspirations for the future (Aspiring)

N: How people collaborate (Navigating)

G: How people innovate (Generating)

E: How people develop “voice” in the organization (Expressing)

S: How people celebrate success (Synchronizing)

This state-of-the-art tool shows leaders how to transform their unique business culture and organizational dynamics, leading to significantly higher levels of Conversational Intelligence.   The assessment critiques current conversational patterns to discover behaviors that block success, resulting in greater business success.

A critical key to improving business results is implementation of Creating WE DNA Assessment. This tool measures your organization’s level of trust and engagement toward future goals across seven vital success dimensions and 49 behaviors. Based on results, we’ll provide a list of actions for you and your team.

C-IQ Catalyst Tool (Conversational Intelligence®)

Our Conversational (C-IQ) Catalyst Tool is a fascinating easy-to-take assessment that reveals incredibly insightful results. Individuals and teams can take this quick evaluation to uncover current patterns of conversational impact and engagement. The tool can be applied to thousands of people within an organization to provide a cultural imprint of how people interact. There are three ways to use the tool:

  •  Self-Assessment: Individuals complete the assessment to gauge their level of intelligent conversations with others.
  • 360 Assessment: Individuals use the C-IQ Catalyst Tool as a 360 review. By selecting their boss, peers, direct reports or others to assess their level of C-IQ, they obtain a clearer picture of how they impact others in the workplace.
  • Team Assessment: The Team C-IQ Catalyst Tool profiles a team’s level of C-IQ awareness. This assessment is used to help a group develop higher levels of C-IQ.
Trust Catalyst Tool

The Trust Catalyst provides insights into how to evaluate and build trust in a team and organization. The 25-question assessment can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Self-Assessment: Individuals complete the assessment to gauge their level of trust-building skills, which are critical to trusting others.
  • 360 Assessment: Individuals use the TRUST Assessment as a 360. By selecting their boss, peers, direct reports or others to assess their level of expressed trust. Results reveal a clearer picture of how the individual impacts others across the trust continuum.
  • Team Assessment: The Team Trust Assessment profiles a team’s level of perceived trust. This assessment can be used to help a team develop higher levels of trust across five dimensions.
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